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Seasonal Flower Guide

Our simple to use seasonal flower guide, will help brides make decisions on their bridal bouquet and bridal party flowers. Season availability of these flowers are just a guide, please contact our Floral Consultant via email  or call 02 8778 5353 to confirm that we are able source these flowers for your special day.

Flower   Availability Description


Year round

Alstroemeria, the Peruvian Lily, is a relative newcomer to the flower industry and very popular for use in bouquets or as a straight bunch. For the best shelf-life, buds should be coloured and just opening and leaves fresh and green. Available in most colours.


September to November

Anemones are round open flowers and come in striking colours, available in white, blue, mauve, pink, purple and red.

Asiatic Lily

Year round

Asiatic Lilies are available in a vast range of shades of hot pinks, reds, zesty tangerine tones and dusty pink shades including some stunning bi-colours such as orange and yellow shades.


December to February

Bouvardias are versatile blooms that are great to mix with other flowers. They come in lots of tiny, star shaped flowers in one stem. They are available in colours such as pink, white, yellow and red. Beautifully perfumed.

Bud Wax

April to September

A native beauty of our own, mainly grown in Western Australia. The Bud Wax flower has been bred for its large showy buds and is available during the winter months in a range or rich deep red tones and soft lemon shades.

Calla Lilly

October to January

Calla Lilies are extremely popular with style gurus for their sculptural elegant shape.The most popular colour shades are the vibrant canary yellow and the tangerine orange tones.


Year round

Carnations are the most popular flower second only to the rose. Ongoing breeding has ensured continuous introduction of new colour shades. These are long lasting flowers.

Celosia (Cockscomb)

December to February

The traditional Cockscomb has a brain-shaped globular head. These are available in shades of red, carmine and yellow.


June to August

Daffodils symbolise new hope and life, heralding the end of winter. Never mix with other flowers as the sap will poison them.


December to March

Dahlias are a robust and colourful flowers and belong to the same plant family as the Chrysanthemum and come in a range of flower forms and colours.


Year round

Daisies are simple yet sophisticated and are some of the most beautiful flowers in the floral world. Daisies convey cheer and exuberance. They have a yellow centre and come in pink or white petals.

David Austin

November to January

David Austin roses are known for their elegant charm and beauty, as well as their rich beautiful fragrance. They are available in colours such as white, beige and pink.


Year round

Delphiniums produce elongated blooms with masses of individual flowers. These flowers open from the bottom to the top of the spike. Delphiniums come in striking pale and dark blues as well as a shade of white.

Erlicheer Jonquil

June to September

Erlicheer jonquils are adored for their fresh sweet scent which can fill a room. The flower heads look like clusters of small double daffodils. Do not mix with other flowers


September to February

Frangipanis add a wonderful fragrance to any bouquet and arrangement. They are waxy and star shaped and is available in cream, yellow or pink.


August to September

Freesia is a modern flower with a natural growing season of spring. The lightly scented flowers come in colours of white, yellow, pink, red and blue.


January to February

Gardenia means joy and are strong scented flowers of pure white colour.

Geraldton Waxflower

June to November

Waxflowers are native to Western Australia. Many new varieties are available in shades of white, cream and pinks. Some varieties open as cream and darken to delicate shades of pink as they age.


Year round

The Gerbera originated from South Africa but has been highly developed by the Dutch since the 1980’s. The popularity of Gerberas has sky rocketed with more than 200 varieties representing all but the blue tones in the colour spectrum. Miniature varieties are increasing in popularity.

Babies Breath (Gypsophlia)

August to April

Airy, cloud like and delicate, Baby’s Breath is a very complimentary flower and not just a filler! There has been a resurgence of interest in the Baby's Breath bouquet, ethereal and bohemian they are inexpensive and long lasting.


June to September

Hyacinths are a true winter flower. Each head contains masses of individual flowers exuding a wonderful sweet perfume. They are available in white, pink and blue shades.


December to February

Hydrangeas are large, full flower heads consisting of small, four petalled blooms. They come in blue, pink, white and lilac colours.


May to October

Ruffled, dainty, delicate, Iris come in some very pretty colors. The deep purple is saturated and vibrant, the paler purpley blue ones are perfect if you want just a soft touch of color. Iris petals give texture, movement, and dimension, while the yellow center adds an unexpected pop of color.


December to February

Meaning happiness, Jasmine's add a rich, exotic scent to bouquets and arrangements. They come in a cluster of white delicate flowers.


October to January

Traditionally symbolic of devotion, Lavender is an elegant, timeless flower known for its beautiful scent and calming qualities.

Lily of the Valley


Lily of the Valley are sweetly scented, tiny, white, bell blooms running up a short petite stem.


December to March

Lisianthus also known as the desert rose are a wonderful long lasting flower. They are available in a wide variety of pastel hues such as soft delicate shades of pinks, two toned purple and whites, ivory tones and even a pale green colour.


Year round

Natives are beautiful, but are also strong, robust and solid, and Australia boasts the hightest abundance and diversity of native flowers in the world. Banksia, Gerladton Waxflower, Callistemon, Verticordia, Acacia, and Gymea Lily are other varieties of Australian natives commonly used in bridal bouquets.

Oriental Lilium

Year round

Liliums have become tremendously popular over the last decade as new colours are developed. These lilies come in a wide range of fashion colours and some varieties have a light scent. Oriental lilies are available in white, pink and some yellows. All have large flowers and have a heavy perfume.


Mid October to November

Peony's are a beautiful flower. Originating from China. These exquisite blooms have multiple layers of soft fluffy petals which resemble a rose. They are available in soft pastel pink hues, silky whites and rich vibrant dark pinks and dominant maroons. Their season is short, flowering in late spring.


April to August

Poppies are large, with round flower heads. Scarlet with a black centre or white, pink and pale yellow.


Year round

Roses are the most popular bridal flower. They have a beautiful form and come in a wide range of colours. They have a divine scent and are beautiful in a bouquet or posy.

Singapore Orchid

Year round

The exotic Singapore Orchid is cultivated in tropical climates. Each slender stem contains up to 10 individual flowers. Colours include vibrant purple, purple and white, cream and soft pink.



The flowers grow on long slender stems with the individual florets opening from the bottom up. These colourful blooms look like a tiny dragons mouth.

Spray Carnation

Year round

The Spray Carnation has several smaller flowers arising from a single stem. They are available in a huge range of colours including pinks, mauves, reds, lemons, oranges and an assortment of exciting bi-colours as well.


September to February

Statice is a summer flower that is ideal as a filler in bouquets. It is available in an array of bold purple tones as well pinks, lemons and whites.


May to October

Stocks are popular flowers during the cooler months of the year. Each spike comprises of many small ruffled flowers in shades of white, pink, purple and cream. They give off a superb floral perfume.


September to February

Sunflowers are bold and bright in colour and they make such a beautiful, happy addition to a wedding. They have personality and are striking enough on their own to create a statement and where ever you use them there is the feeling that this celebration is going to be joyous and full of fun! Sunflowers are in season in Australia from September to February, or really when it’s warm and sunny.

Sweet Pea

May to September

The Sweet Pea, signifies "lasting pleasure,". Its candy-like scent and ruffled blossoms make this an old-fashioned favorite in bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaids. Sweet Peas are long climbing tendrils of wavy petalled flowers that come in colours of pink white and mauve and are beautifully perfumed


April to October

Tulips are one of the most recognised flowers in the world. Modern varieties have been developed in Holland although the tulip originates from the Middle East. Tulips are best purchased when showing colour. The flower stem will continue to grow.


March to August

Violets are tiny, flat fronted, round pettaled flowers that are deep violet and purple in colour, with a small yellow centre.
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