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Rose Bridal Bouquet

Among the popular types of wedding bouquet in Australia is the rose bridal bouquet. The rose is the most famous and beloved of all flowers, offering not just the traditional romantic look of red and white blooms, but also an extraordinary range of hues that make it an absolute gift to the wedding florist.
The rose has been a symbol of love and beauty since ancient times, when supposedly Cleopatra used the flowers in her seduction of both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. The rose has appeared in countless fairy tales and romantic stories and is the flower that everyone turns to for a declaration of love, hence its perennial popularity on Valentine’s Day.
The rose is the king of all cut flowers. Its many available shades traditionally carry different meanings. You can find white, pink, orange, red, yellow and cream roses, and every possible shade between. Many horticulturalists dedicate their lives to trying to develop new rose shades, which are instantly leapt upon by creative florists hungry for types of roses.
The images on our website should give you plenty of ideas on how versatile the rose is; green, purple, pink, white and orange are just some of the colours you can find in our floral arrangements. Pay special attention also to our range of rose-centred bouquets in a variety of shades. The ‘Just Picked’ ranges offer the ultimate in mono-chromatic sophistication.
Our pictures should show you that the quality of work is of the highest order. Nevertheless, we think you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by our prices. If you order online for your wedding, we will deliver the flowers to your home. You won’t regret giving the wedding flowers the attention that they deserve as a central element of a successful event.

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