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Flowers For A Wedding

There is no question that choosing flowers for a wedding can be an overwhelming task. There are so many varieties to choose from, each lending a different quality to the look and feel of an event.
Wedding Flowers Express has endeavoured to make the process easier for the prospective bride and groom by offering several themes that will suit different types of wedding. We know that cost is a major consideration, so our ranges are designed to suit even the tightest budget.
One of the main considerations while you plan your wedding is to the time of year. If your wedding is taking place in September or October then you may want to reflect spring’s importance as a season of rebirth and renewal. Your flower choices can reflect all this, as with our fresh ‘Green Garden Splendour’ theme with its zesty lemon and lime shades. A wedding in December could lean towards the hot and tropical palette of a range like ‘Sunset Romance’ which thrives on its choice of sun-kissed shades. This seasonal approach can be used in June for a wintry look or an autumnal feel in April or May too.
Of course, this isn’t the only way of tackling the look of your wedding ceremony and reception. Simply going with a colour scheme can be extremely effective. The ‘Vivid Purple Garden Splendour’ or ‘Peaches & Cream’ ranges, for example, look great as bridal bouquets, but can also be used as inspiration for other floral accessories, such as table and cake decorations.
At Wedding Flowers Express, we not only offer high’quality bridal party flowers at low prices, we also use special, patented technology to deliver the floral arrangements to your home in perfect condition.

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