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Wedding Floral Arrangements

Choosing wedding floral arrangements is a nerve-wracking prospect. There are so many different varieties of blooms to select from in every conceivable colour, shape and size.
To render the process less overwhelming, we offer ranges that reflect different approaches to a wedding, from the vintage or traditional church affair, to a fun and contemporary event. Our themes draw on the most beautiful cut flowers in the wedding florist ‘toolbox’. Roses, orchids, lisianthus and chrysanthemums are just some of the beautiful blooms that we use in our wedding floral arrangements.
When choosing your bridal bouquets, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the strengths of some of the most useful wedding blooms. Lisianthus has become a popular choice for the wedding florist, despite the fact that they lack the historic pedigree of some more famous blooms. They are available throughout the year and offer a good range of colours and multiple blooms on a single stem. 
The orchid is one of the most gorgeous flowers available to the creative florist. They are diverse in colour and shape, and many carry attractive fragrances. Traditionally orchids have symbolised eroticism and parts of the plant have even been eaten for their aphrodisiac properties. These exquisite flowers come in purple, white, read and many other hues.
Gerbera blooms come in a variety of colours, which are popular with wedding florists - pale and dark pinks, red, white, yellow and orange. The chrysanthemum, with its long lasting qualities and earth scent, are popular with brides and florists alike. They come in a range of bold colours including yellow, cream and red. 
Whichever flowers you choose for your wedding floral arrangements, you can get great ideas by looking at the pictures on our website. Our prices are competitive; this and the quality of our floral arrangements make Wedding Flowers Express a great choice for your wedding in Australia. 

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