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Wedding florists are key players in any successful marriage ceremony and reception. The association of weddings and flowers is a long and glorious one; having the right floral arrangements can go a long way towards ensuring that your wedding looks fantastic.
As creative wedding florists, we offer a wide range of choices of bridal bouquets and other flower arrangements, including floral wristlets, women’s corsages and even floral cupcake wedding favours.
Among the floral themes in our product offerings are classic and vintage arrangements that will suit a traditional wedding, along with cheerful and modern looks for the up-to-date wedding. Whether you prefer modern stylings or would rather use traditional and vintage looks that have stood the test of time, you will find a range to suit your taste. Browse through our collections online; the photographs will help you find flowers that harmonise with your overall wedding theme.
Different colours can be used to create vastly different effects for your wedding decor. Pink is the most feminine of colours. Its various shades can actually convey romanticism and sultriness as well as a softer and romantic quality. Take a look at our ‘Blushing Pink’ range to see how effective it can be.
White flowers can look particularly good in monochromatic displays where the only other accent is the greenery of the leaves and stems. And, of course, white can mean much more than just white, but also cream, ivory and alabaster. The ‘Dreamy’ theme illustrates what can be achieved using white.
Other colour choices can be just as versatile, as a quick browse through our different themes will show you. If you want your wedding to be a sophisticated, modern, classic or riotous affair, we can find a floral arrangement to tie in with your plans.

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