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Wedding Flower Arrangement

The wedding flower arrangement has historically involved, not only aesthetic considerations, but also the symbolic meanings of various flowers. White lilies have long been used to represent virginity, while other flowers have stood for the first flush or romance, for fertility, remembrance and much more.
The Victorians in particular embraced the idea of the 'language of flowers', publishing numerous books on the subject. Flowers are still chosen for their meaning in today's weddings, although this is generally a less significant factor than the colour or shape of the blooms.
Today the typical wedding may not pay so much heed to symbols of chastity and purity, and are more likely to feature floral ideas that result out of personal preference. This does not, however, lessen the overall importance of having flowers at your wedding. A quick look at the images online of our wide range of bouquets will show you just how much variety can be created by a professional florist.
As well as choosing flowers according to their historic significance, you may choose the floral arrangements depending on the season in which your wedding will take place. A spring wedding would benefit from flower designs which reflect the theme of renewal after the hibernation of winter. Our fresh ‘Green Garden Splendour’ theme is a perfect choice for this time of year, with its fresh colours and vibrant look. On the other hand, a summer wedding may be better served by hotter, tropical colour schemes. Our ‘Sunset Romance’ range draws on a sun-kissed palette of many shades of red and orange, and is perfect for a wedding during the autumn months.
Once you have spent time browsing the pictures of our different floral themes, you can order for your wedding immediately. At Wedding Flowers Express we don’t sacrifice reasonable prices for the high standard of our floral arrangements. By choosing from our pre-determined ranges, we believe you can have beautiful bridal flowers without spending too much. 

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