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Wedding Flower Arrangements

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand. Wedding flower arrangements are therefore a key element of a successful day. Floral arrangements obviously enhance the aesthetic qualities of the special event, but are also important for their symbolic and ritual meaning.
Many flowers and herbs were believed to carry special meanings for centuries. White lilies have been associated with virginity since early Christian times, while roses have, of course, been a symbol of love and desire for generations of poets and romantics. 
Flower girls have existed in some form or other since ancient times - in Greece a young girl would scatter herbs in the bride's path to ensure fertility, while rose petals were sprinkled in front of the bride during the Renaissance.
We have created a broad selection of bridal bouquets and other floral arrangements to suit different styles of wedding, from the classic church wedding to a modern wedding in non-traditional settings.
Pictures of our ranges can be viewed easily online, and will quickly demonstrate what can be done with flowers to suit numerous different tastes. The images will illustrate how you can change the style of your wedding through judicious use of colour schemes and other ideas.
For an example of how Wedding Flowers Express can offer wildly different approaches to colour and style, compare our impressive and regal ‘Purple Garden Splendour’ range with the more fun and bold look of ‘Lollipop Surprise’ with hot pink roses, yellow gerberas and pom-pom green chrysanthemums.
Colour is one factor that will help you decided on the type of flowers you opt for – another factor is the season. Flowers for a wedding in winter should reflect the nature of the season and so be quite different from a wedding in spring or summer.
Once you’ve ordered your wedding flower arrangements from our website, we will deliver them to your home using our Coolflow storage technology. This patented system helps us to keep your wedding flowers in superb condition, which is why we guarantee both your blooms and their transport.

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