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For your wedding flowers online, look no further than Wedding Flowers Express. We invite any prospective bride and groom to discover online the diverse floral arrangements we offer.
Our website will give you some idea of the different types of bouquet that you might order for your wedding in Australia. You will also get a sense of why certain flowers – the rose, chrysanthemum, lisianthus and the orchid – play such an important role in the work of the creative florist.
Chrysanthemums are available year-round and come in white, yellow, orange, red and burgundy among other shades. They are strongly scented and a popular choice in wedding bouquets, traditionally representing optimism and long life. 
Orchids are used in arrangements sometimes with multiple blooms on a single stem or as individual flowers. They have long been associated with sexuality and make an interesting contrast to all the flowers that symbolise chastity and purity. 
Although lisianthus does not have the long and noble history in floristry of orchids or chrysanthemums, they have nevertheless become established as a popular choice for professional florists. Native to North America, numerous hybrids have been developed over the last few decades, giving the florist a choice of double and single-petal varieties and colours ranging from pastel pinks to yellows and greens. 
All of these flowers feature in three or more of our predetermined ranges, each time in a different colour scheme and therefore playing a quite different role. At Wedding Flowers Express, we’re sure you’ll find our prices reasonable, and the process of placing your order couldn’t be easier through our website. Plus, with our special Coolflow storage system, we guarantee your flowers will reach you in excellent condition even in the hottest of weather.

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