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Lily Wedding Bouquets

Many people choose the flowers for their wedding based on the personal meaning or significance of particular blooms – lily wedding bouquets for example, because of their association with purity. Others make their selection based on a colour scheme or theme that has been chosen for the special day.
Whichever is the case for you, we’re sure that one of our predetermined ranges will be perfect for your plans. You’ll also find our prices reasonable.
Preparations for a ceremony and the reception to follow are demanding for even experienced event planners, so for most it’s advisable to turn to experts for certain aspects of the wedding.
Some elements of the wedding are more straightforward to delegate than others - catering and flowers are evidently two areas where professional help is easily found. We’re happy to take off your shoulders the whole worry of arranging your wedding flowers, from the bridal bouquet through to cut rose bouquets, flower bracelets, buttonholes and corsages. Let us know the style of the wedding you want - modern or vintage, fun or sophisticated, bright and colourful or soft and elegant - and we can help you choose the range that will suit your ideas.
Our gallery shows the different themes that we offer; if you spend a little time browsing the pictures you’ll soon realise how different an effect you can create depending on the arrangements you choose. We would always advise you to use real flowers, because the fake ones only give you part of the story.
Wedding flowers should be a delight for the nose as well as the eye. Looking at the photos will hopefully help you settle on what style you’d like for your event. Feminine pink, clean and modern white, fresh and citrusy yellows and green, and dramatic burnt orange are just some of the colour schemes you might consider.  

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