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Orchid Wedding Bouquets

For the height of sophistication and elegance, there are few flower arrangements that can compete with orchid wedding bouquets. Orchids are well known for their unmistakable exotic shapes. They come in a huge variety of dramatic colours, making them a gift to the creative florist.
For the prospective bride and groom they’re an extremely attractive prospect for the instant glamour which they can imbue a wedding party in Australia. You need only take a look at the photos of our bouquet ranges online to get a sense of the versatility of orchids in a bridal bouquet.
The off white shades of the Singapore orchids that we use in our ‘Peaches & Cream’ theme look perfect alongside the peach carnations and ivory roses. Contrast this with the purple and lime green Singapore orchids we use in our two ‘Garden Splendour’ ranges and you’ll see just how multi-faceted these flowers can be. This diversity is hardly surprising when you consider that there are over 25,000 species of orchid that can be found in the wild in every continent on Earth except Antarctica.
Of course, you may worry that the cost of having orchid-based wedding flowers will be too much; orchids are notoriously expensive flowers. However, the predetermined themes mentioned above allow you to choose a bouquet which includes orchids without breaking the bank.
We think our prices are very affordable. By simply ordering online you can enjoy high-quality wedding flowers at a reasonable cost. Once you’ve settled on a theme that meets your requirements, you can then choose from our different types of arrangement including the traditional bridal bouquet, but also running to floral wristlets, buttonholes and corsages.
Whatever your needs, let us help you enjoy an incredible floral display at your wedding.

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