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Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Whilst searching for wedding bouquet ideas can seem a daunting task, Wedding Flowers Express can make it a little more fun. After all, selecting flowers and styles is just another way of releasing your inner artist.
There are plenty of stylistic ideas out there for you to grasp onto. From themes to colours, flowers to accessories, wedding bouquets can be adapted to suit the occasion and make an impact.
One of the most common approaches Wedding Flowers Express takes to wedding bouquets is that of seasonal selection. Many weddings use the season as a basis for thematic design and the same is true of flower arrangements. But what does this mean?
Those couples celebrating a wedding in summer tend to choose different colours and styles to those enjoying a winter wedding. The contrast between the two can be quite extreme, with summer leaning towards light pastel colours and winter boasting bold shades like purple and scarlet. To a slightly lesser extent, spring and autumn also impact a wedding’s theme.
If you’re thinking of adopting this seasonal approach it’s worth discovering which flowers work best when. As a rule of thumb, the likes of lilies, lavender, and honeysuckle are suited to summer. Snowdrops, roses, and hyacinths are all ideal for spring. Orchids and tulips tend to be popular during winter, and can be perfected with a spot of holly and ivy.
Whilst much importance is placed on tradition during the planning of a wedding, your bouquet doesn’t have to be old-fashioned. It can be as modern or outrageous as you like.
Wedding Flowers Express recommends that you be inventive, not just with the flowers you choose, but also with the accessories you include. Feathers and diamantes are standard accompaniments, but what’s to stop you from adding something completely out of left field? Remember: it’s your special day.

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