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Bridal Bouquets

While you draw up a budget for your wedding, it’s inevitable that you will start to look at areas in which you can cut back the costs. You may well find yourself wondering whether artificial bridal bouquets are a viable alternative to real flowers like roses, lilies and orchids. In fact, if you go for silk flowers, you may well end up spending the same as you would on the real thing.
Frankly, you can't beat the colour, scent, texture and shape of real flowers, so if it isn't necessarily going to save you any money, we can't see any reason to fake it.  Take a look at our prices and you’ll see how affordable the genuine article can be.
Once you’ve decided on real flowers, it’s time to decide upon a colour scheme. Perhaps you or your fiance(e) have a favourite colour or colours. Or perhaps you want to select a colour scheme based on bridesmaid dresses that you’ve already purchased.
Even with a key colour decided this is not the end of the story, however. You might choose a heavily purple-themed range like our 'Vivid Purple Garden Splendour' incorporating as it does many different shades and shapes of bloom all themed around the central colour, including lisianthus, roses and orchids. Purple lisianthus can also be found in our 'Lollipop Surprise' range, but this time the effect is completely different as they combine with hot pinks and golden yellows in a candy-inspired theme.
In order to make your choice, you should spend some time online checking out the images of our different themes. The pictures should help you sort through any ideas you have and settle on a style that will help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. 

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