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The rose is the most beloved wedding flower, not least because of the vast array of shades that have been cultivated by keen botanists and horticulturalists. But the perennial genius rose is not the only wedding flower of significance. Let’s look at some of the other blooms that are firm favourites with both the wedding florist and couples getting married.
Thousands of species of orchid are grown by horticulturalists around the world, meaning that whatever your taste there should be an orchid bloom to suit your wedding. They come in many colours including white, purple and red; they are also available in a variety of gorgeous forms. 
The lily is sometimes known as the 'Queen of Flowers'. Its elegant blooms can certainly make a bride feel like royalty when they are part of a bouquet. The long-lasting chrysanthemum is a perennial favourite in wedding bouquets. There are around a thousand varieties which have been developed by horticulturalists. They have been grown in the Far East for more than 2000 years. 
So perfect are the blooms of the gerbera that they almost look like artificial flowers. Hundreds of different shades are available, which is why they have been popular as cut flowers since at least Victorian times, when they were considered a symbol of friendship.
Roses, orchids, lilies, gerberas and chrysanthemums all feature in one or more of our ranges, but the effects can be strikingly different depending on the colour scheme of the range in question. Spend a bit of time on our website looking at the pictures of our arrangements and you will soon see that a number of different looks can be achieved according to your design scheme.
The Wedding Flowers Express team is built on experience, creativity and a passion for floral design. The images on our website should give you plenty of ideas for your wedding. You can then simply order the bouquets you want online. The floral packages are then delivered in the freshest state imaginable, courtesy of the Coolflow System unique to Wedding Flowers Express.

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